It is a well-known fact that farmers’ need for the latest knowledge has risen as the focus shifted from subsistence to profitable agriculture, whereas, the knowledge of the public extension functionaries has not enhanced adequately due to their engagement in multifarious activities and lack of opportunities for knowledge and skill up gradation. As a result, the knowledge gap between the challenges ahead and existing capabilities among extension functionaries has been widened.

In order to bridge the ever increasing gap in knowledge, an online Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Extension Management, PGDAEM-MOOCs has been launched by the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), for graduates who aspire to enrich their knowledge in Agricultural Extension Management.   

The programme is designed to transform the extension /development functionaries and others into a vibrant and useful knowledge force to bring about the desired changes in agriculture and allied sectors. The overall objective of the programme is to equip the candidates enrolled for PGDAEM-MOOCs with latest tools and technologies for participatory decision making, provide insight into various extension models and developments in agricultural extension and enhance their extension management competencies.